FlieSSend ( FlieBend)


Julien aka Hristof started working with another artist Damian (db).

These two guys found each other through the passion they share.

The two Techno artists have found their magic together and provide a set with both passion and hypno wavy melodic beats. Together they called FLIESSEND (fluent), this is where they go, one flowing line of funky Hypno Techno. A couple that truly understands the cooperation between each other, like brothers they show the connection for Techno perfection.


db & Hristof have started together with an  event called ( OVERLAST ) that brings brutal hard Techno to the crowd! Ever since they never left each other's sight. Even when Hristof launched his own party's, they were still organizing illegal party's. They found their selves so attuned to each other, cause they go on adventure when they rocking on stage. The name Fliessend is exactly what they are, one flowing & glowing couple !

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